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Emergency Road Service Tech (ERS Tech)


Provide a high level of customer service by performing emergency road service, towing, accident recovery, police impound towing and/or abandoned vehicle recovery using assigned truck and towing equipment in a professional, safe workmanlike manner as trained. Perform timely and correct logging with dispatch, of paperwork, daily reports and/or other necessary documentation. Assist with maintenance of truck, equipment and shop as needed.

Smile and enjoy your job! You are a "Hero of the Highway"!


  • Respond to calls dispatched to you in a professional , timely, and safe manor. (Free from accidents, personal injuries and damage to customers goods)
  • Communicate with customers, co-workers, dispatch and management in professional and informative way.
  • You are expected to professionally and safely perform emergency road service duties as may be dispatched to you, such as, but not necessarily limited to:
  • Changing flat tires or airing up tires that are just low on air
  • Jump start vehicles whose batteries pass the load test and are only discharged and unable to start the vehicle
  • Deliver a few gallons of fuel to those out of gas
  • Perform minor roadside repairs
  • Perform lock out procedures for customers who have locked their keys in their car
  • Perform damage free towing
  • Perform accident towing and scene clean-up
  • Inspect truck and related equipment, tools, rigging inventory and complete and turn-in your pre-shift inspection prior to beginning duty each day.
  • Maintain truck fluid levels according to manufacturer standards and note quantities added on the pre-shift inspection sheet.
  • Perform minor truck service / maintenance activities as may be requested by management.
  • Trucks are to be kept clean inside and out. Tools and equipment are to be stored in the designated locations and kept in workmanlike condition. Any tools or equipment damaged or missing must be reported to management immediately.
  • Safe driving behavior is a must. Obey all traffic laws, drive defensively, always wear your seat belt, remember the 4 second following rule, minimize backing and left turns.
  • Keep the truck(s) fuel tanks between ¾ of a tank and full at all times.
  • Maintain the storage yard in a clean and orderly manner. All trash and cigarette butts must be properly disposed of and not left in the truck or on the ground.
  • Secure the storage yard by ensuring the gate closes when leaving.
  • Attend safety meetings and training classes as scheduled.
  • Arrive at work on time daily, ready for duty when shift starts;

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

High School Diploma or equivalent needed. Individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Posses correct and valid driver’s license and class endorsement for weight of vehicle assigned. Must successfully pass alcohol & drug tests in compliance with Company Policy, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and Company's contractual requirements. Must submit to and pass background check as per Company policy and Company's contractual requirements. Must be 21 years of age or older.

Preferred Skills:

Preferred Candidate will have excellent customer service skills, and be a team player but able to self-motivate. Candidate will be organized, flexible, confident with a clean driving record and posses basic mechanical aptitude. Candidate should work well under pressure.