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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

And so it began.....

Blakeman’s Towing’s Owner, Kyle started at the age of 16 with just a 2002 Ford F250 truck and trailer hauling scrap metal and junk cars. Not long after he purchased a 1984 Chevy flatbed from Waweco Auto Repair of Hartford, VT and continued hauling scrap with ease. With the Chevy, he occasionally would take personal calls and haul vehicles for customers to the garage or body shop. He ran the Chevy for around 2 years.


In 2000 Kyle purchased the white Ford wrecker from what used to be Alliance Towing of Hartford, VT, and started taking recovery calls.


In August of 2008 he purchased a red 2004 International from what used to be Al’s Towing of Sharon, VT., and started signing commercial and police contracts as well as taking personal tow calls.


In November of 2009 Kyle flew to Michigan where he purchased a 2007 F350 pick-up. In December 2010 he hit a patch of black ice potentially totaling the truck.


In July of 2011 he bought the white 2004 International from A Notch Above of Bradford, VT. With this truck, he expanded the company with more contracts and business started to boom.


In April of 2012 he drove to New York where he purchased the red 2007 Ford F550 wrecker which made winch outs and recoveries smoother.


In June of 2012 Blakeman’s Towing purchased a new 2007 Ford F350 to replace the one that was totaled in 2010. The F350 is used for wheel lift tows, snow– plowing, service calls and hauling trailers.


In February 2014 Blakeman's Towing purchased a red 2007 Ford F550 crew cab flatbed.


In July 2014 Blakeman's Towing purchased a white 2011 Ford F550 extended cab wrecker.


In June 2015 Blakeman's Towing sold the white 2011 Ford F550 along with a camper and purchased a 2012 International crew cab automatic flatbed.


In August 2015 Blakeman's Towing purchased a red 2015 Ford Focus for light duty service calls and errands. 


In december 2015 Kyle drove to North Carolina where he purchsed the red 2012 F550 wrecker. 


Blakeman's currently has the F550 flatbed, the 3 internationals (now all red), the red 2007 & 2012 F550 wreckers and the F350 pick-up as well as the Focus on the road. They also have several articles of off road recovery equipment. Included in that list are open and enclosed trailers for equipment transport, tractors, snowmobile, and a 6 wheel ATV. During the summer months they have a Yamaha sport bike they allow those with motorcycle endorsements to operate for service calls.